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Counselling Services

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Unwind Counselling helps individuals and couples in Kitchener-Waterloo become happier, mentally healthier people.


Reaching out to someone for support can be a difficult decision to make. At Unwind Counselling, I hope to help you through this with a warm welcome and assurance that you are not alone. Recognizing our vulnerabilities and challenges is courageous. Counselling provides a safe, private space and time for you to process your emotions, feelings and experiences.

You are not alone on your journey to better mental health and emotional well being.


Counselling Services



Individual counselling provides a safe, private space and time to talk about emotions, feelings and experiences.



Couples Counselling provides the time and space to talk about the issues that are present day-to-day and build strategies to improve communication, manage conflict and reconnect.



Are you a university or college student who struggles with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or other difficulties? Then there's good news: counselling can help.

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